Babies' Perfect Gift At Boxsharp

23 September 2011

Research has found that the months of August and September are the most popular for babies to be born in. Statisticians noted a huge 'baby boom' in these months during the course of their investigations, leaving relatives and friends scrambling to find original and suitable gifts for babies and their families just a few months before Christmas.


Hello Boxsharp! The Days of Forgetting To Buy Gifts Are Over...

13 September 2011

Anniversaries. Birthdays. Valentines Day. It seems not a month goes by without an enforced and often fruitless shopping trip in search of the perfect gift item. If you’ve ever felt guilty about the lack of time or effort that goes into your gift buying, social researchers have found that it’s not actually your fault – it’s the primeval hunter instinct kicking in....


Ladies – your gift-buying experience has been revolutionised!

11 September 2011

While we all love a bit of shopping, extra working hours, family commitments and, of course, trying to juggle a social life or ‘me’ time can make a pleasant afternoon’s browsing something of a lost luxury. It’s for this reason that more and more of us are logging on and checking out online. If you’re sick of spending hours glued to your computer trying  to find unique gifts for him or perfect presents for her, salvation is at hand in the form of interactive gift guru, Boxsharp.


Revolutionise Your Gift Buying From 1st September 2011

10 August 2011

If you’ve ever been guilty of forgetting birthdays or anniversaries and hate the thought of spending hours trekking around the shops looking for a unique gift that really says you care, find your salvation from the 1st September in the shape of