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Gift Boxes packed with Style

We arrange all the products into our customised gift boxes with a colour to suit the recipient. We pack all the items inside using our environmentally safe coloured wood wool and we include a custom contents card so your recipient knows exaclty what is included in their gift box. We finish the gift box off with a matching coloured ribbon and gift message card from you.



Suitable for:
Suitable for Valentine's Day

A number one selection

The perfect gift for a man. A number of unique gifts carefully selected to compliment each other. The gifts are stylish and modern and are presented in our custom designed gift box for a man.

This gift box is perfect for Valentine's Day or any general occasion. The recipient of this gift box will be suitably impressed with the quantity and quality of the special gifts included within and receiving such a unique gift will no doubt leave a lasting impression. Click on the images below for a full description of the gifts included in this special gift box... perfect for that special man. 

Please click on one of the gifts below to find our more information about each gift.

Press Coffee Maker

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