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Gift Boxes packed with Style

We arrange all the products into our customised gift boxes with a colour to suit the recipient. We pack all the items inside using our environmentally safe coloured wood wool and we include a custom contents card so your recipient knows exaclty what is included in their gift box. We finish the gift box off with a matching coloured ribbon and gift message card from you.



Suitable for:
Suitable for Engagement

Joint hopes and dreams

The Together gift box is a really popular gift box for a recently engaged couple. it blends modern, high quality house based gifts that will surely impress the couple. The gifts are carefully chosen to complement each other and are unlikely to be found anywhere in the High Street. The items included in the gift box will be carefully prepared in our custom large gift box and delivered to either you or your recipient with a personalised message card included.

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Knife Set

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Additional Information

The Honour gift box is a perfect blend of unique gifts for a couple brought together to make the perfect gift box for a newly engaged couple. The contemporary styled Stelton pure black stainless steel knife set and the equally impressive black coffee vacuum set are examples of the luxury gifts included which will stand out. All the items in this gift box can be enjoyed by the couple together or by the individual. Your couple may enjoy entertaining friends or family, if so, they will no doubt love the Stelton coffee set and the Great British quiz game.

The Honour gift box for an engaged couple epitomises everything that is good about a boxhsarp gift box. We believe that a special blend of gifts presented in a luxury custom made keep sake box proves the old adage that “The sum of the whole is greater than its parts”. When you choose this gift box for your couple’s engagement you will be offering them a collection of unique gifts, a personalised message card and all delivered to their door (or yours if you are going to their party!). The gift box will be assembled at our distribution centre and presented in a luxury custom made box that can be used for years to come and will stand as a reminder to the couple of that special gift they received from you.